LEOcoin Merchants allows Merchants to advertise their business on the LEOcoinMerchants site.

To have this opportunity they must signup as a Merchant on LEOcoinMerchants.com.

At this point they can, if they wish, become a member of LEO. If they do also become a LEO Member they have the same rights, opportunities and obligations as an individual Member.

As a fully-fledged Merchant Member they can earn by recruiting new Merchants as Members of LEO.

Fully-fledged means they have completed the full registration and proved their identity in the process known as KYC in the LEO Member Back Office.

When the Merchant first applies they will enter brief details which will allow them to be found using the search facility on the LEOcoinMerchants site. When they complete their KYC they will be allowed to earn through recruiting other Merchants to the programme.

Merchants will also be provided with POS software to allow them to conduct transactions in LEOcoin.

There is no fee to join as LEOcoin Merchant.

Fully-fledged Merchants will be provided with the same back office support system as is provided to individual Members. A personal website and an account. There is no cost for this.

As with individual Members, LEO will do its best to ensure the back office support system, website and account provided performs to specification and is maintained and supported and available 24x7.

The Merchant can sell their offers for LEOcoin. When they sell for LEOcoin, 1% of the value of the transaction will be deducted as a fee, which is retained by LEO. Such completed transactions will be credited to their Merchants account, less the transaction fee.

Merchants with LEOcoin balances can exchange them for fiat currency through LEOxChange at the rate ruling at the time of the request.

LEO will give best efforts to ensure that the LEOcoin exchange rate used to purchase products and services at POS or when a sale order is placed is accurate and timely as regards the exchange rate quoted on the LEOxChange.

LNo warranty or guarantee is made as to the value of LEOcoin, this being a function of the supply and demand for LEOcoin conducted at the LEOxChange.

No commission is paid to LEO for advertising on LEOcoinMerchants page.

LEO is not party to any commercial activity that takes place using LEOcoinMerchants systems.

LEO does not warrant nor endorse any offers made on or promoted through the LEOcoinMerchants page.

LEO requires that Merchants who choose to become Members as well behave in the same way and adopt the same standards and conform to the same "best behaviours" as LEO requires of their individual Members.

LEO requires Merchants to conform with and adhere to the terms and conditions prevailing on LEOcoinMerchants site.

We require all Merchants to fairly represent their business and we do not warrant/guarantee/support or even vet voracity or accuracy of anything the Merchant puts up EXCEPT we will vet for inappropriate and offensive material and we will make best efforts to monitor to remove inappropriate listings.

We will warn and if necessary ban offending Merchants from using the site and may also use this as reason to terminate the relationship.

We will look at complaints from customers of the LEOcoinMerchants site with bad experiences with Merchants.

We accept no liability if a visitor to the LEOcoinMerchants site who sees and acts on an advertisement on the site are not happy with the Merchant or the offer the Merchant makes or their interaction with the Merchant.